Rip login Screen

anyone know how to login into this

you pressed ESC while starting. Reboot the system

Recently, I changed my login screen to lightdm and then I didn't liked it and remove it. I think this might be the case.

Did you remove it without reinstalling a Display Manager like GDM?

Most Likely, you should be able to use tty to log in and install.

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Unfortunately yes, Now Zorin ask me for admin login:
And password:

Don't know what to type in admin login
And password

admin login= your username
password= your password
then type sudo apt install gdm3
then sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3
here select gdm or gdm3


I am able to type name in admin login but it doesn't let me type in password weird

The field does not populate in the tty for Password when you type it. Are you entering in the password and the password is failing?

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I think I have messed up login screen badly, it doesn't let me type in password field but somehow it says welcome to zorin os in and I had option to type sudo commands. Although I was still inside that login screen but now I can run commands.

I'm thinking to install another linux distribution..

I don't think it can be fixed now.

If you can issue sudo commands, run

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

This should be enough to get it all sorted out.

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okay, this fixed the issue Thanks!

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