Rock Solid Zorin 16 OS / Review

Hello All,

Been using Zorin 16 for almost 6 months and everything has gone Wonderful from the start . Other than adding a few programs of interest I have been it "as is" and using Gnome DE.

No matter what, when or how I use problems! I mean nothing.

What the @AZorin and his brother have created is as my topic states ROCK SOLID and I'm grateful for the chance to have something I can count on each and everyday. Aside from a small donation which is well worth the investment compared to what I have spent over the years on others (i.e. M$, Apple etc) it has been FREE.

I've tried other Linux systems and don't get me wrong there are some nice ones... but not without issues on a regular basis. I toy with KDE (ARCH) it's no secret my visual love for it. It is fun to use and image is GREAT, but with so many options and my knowledge being still a learning it has its issues. I can't rely of the ARCH system as yet like Zorin.

Have not used M$ since coming to Linux, and while I do have a system which has Win Dodo it is just laying around gathering dust. Extinct for this guy is just what M$ is.

Just as I learned M$ back in 92-93 I have done and am doing so with Linux and not near the headache I have had or the out of pocket.

Say what you will about the DE, but it works. And that is what is the important thing for this user. And the freedom to work what works for me. Freedom to create what I like and on the other hand what others like too.

Yeah, I don't post much more but I lurk in the shadows and enjoy my peaceful environment from a distance. Reading most of and ignoring what I dislike.

Have a good day, just wanted to update on my use and experience so others can take my 2 cents for what it's worth and more important let the Zorins know.


I have had much the same experience. Which even surprised me when I installed Zorin OS 16 Lite on a very new machine with Nvidia - I expected troubles and had braced myself for troubleshooting which never came.
I have yet to have any issues from Zorin OS on this machine.
And you are right, in my opinion; it is important that the developers know this. The forum primarily serves the purpose of troubleshooting and while that is a great service, it also is a barrage of negativity, even when not intended that way.
A bit of Uplifting goes a very long way.


Then good move i bought NVIDIA GPU. Hope everything will be working like always even better. I learning many things about Linux on this forum. Tested xfce,core and pro. One is good now i know where searching answers about Zorin.

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