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Hi all,

I switched to zorin two weeks ago everything is perfect except one little issue, I can't roll window in title bar with the mousewheel. Anyone knows how I can enable this feature ? thanks.

Here is what I mean by scrolling on titlebar

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I changed the title slightly for clarification and to attract more volunteers.

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Window Rollup - it works on XFCE, don't know if there is any way of doing it with Gnome or not.

Is this what you are looking for?

right click on taskbar-> taskbar settings -> Actions -> scroll icon action -> cycle windows

This changes which window is actively focused on the screen.

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I misunderstood the OP's question.

No it's not, I want the window to roll-up in title bar when I scroll the mouse wheel on titlebar.

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Gnome removed this functionality long ago.

It is still present in XFCE (Zorin OS Lite) desktop for non-csd applications. You can use gtk3-nocsd package to enable the feature on csd apps.


You are right. I used Gnome then, so I did not understand what you actually meant. I realised it a few days ago when I started using XFCE.

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It is there in gnome-tweaks but it is broken. There is no way you can get that working. In gnome-tweaks->Window Titlebars->(under titlebar actions)-> Double click action->You can choose "Toggle Shade".
They are not even bothered to fix the issue (for like 10 years?)


Yes, you can find it in dconf-editor or the gsettings, as well. If I remember correctly... org/gnome/desktop/wm/toggle something or other...
But Gnome no longer supports a proper Window Manager, so the WM category is not really applicable for a lot of those settings.


I purchased Zorin Pro, can user support provide instructions on how to enable this ToggleShade feature?

I am spending way too much time fighting this. I seem to have found three methods in the OS to do this and none work.

I tried another install, ZorinPro Lite, then using Firefox window (that always refuses to rollup) I got that window title menu and the bar to appear and extended. Then the Settings WindowManager configurations for shade/unshade started working. I can shade/rollup browser windows by either double-click or use mouse wheel. I hope this helps someone else.

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