Root partition usage

After installing Z_17 Pro and most of the programs I have on other Linux OS's and checking partitions in gparted, Zorin OS took up double the room that Mint and Ubuntu did. I have home partitions for them all and it appears Zorin hasn't used as much as the others in home. Zorin's home partition 105GB and 14 used. It's used 37 out of a 73GB Root partiion.

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Note the use of Pro.


Have seen some posts about the install size of Pro - it's a hefty one, I've noticed.

I'm on 17 Core with my other laptop now; kinda surprised me a little. After getting updated and all, ~460GB usable out of 512GB.. that'll be kinda shrinking a little more as I go :smirk:

Zorin OS Pro is beefy. It comes with a lot of stuff. On the one hand, that is a boon since it can introduce members to new software, some of which may be better replacements to software they already use.

On the other hand, it can be seen as bloat. Fortunately, each and every additional package included in Pro as User Software is not integrated nor system dependent and can be removed. So the user can clean house after installing Pro.

I recommend users explore and try out each software before giving it a thumbs up or down, though.

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Yeah it wasn't a question; just an observation and it's no big deal as I'm not cramped for space

Thank you for supporting Zorin OS development, by the way. :wink:

Anything I use a fair amount of I give a few bucks to. On the Zorin Pro I've read that a lesser upgrade price won't be an option for the next version. My thoughts are that Zorin is shooting itself in the foot with that ruling. I think Z would get more financial support by having an upgrade price; just my thoughts.

I do not understand what you are referring to here... What upgrade price?
All point releases are included in the lifetime of each release.

I think he means the next major release, which would be 18. Its like SoftMaker Office. In 2019 I got a special deal of 5 machine licences for just under £24. When 2021 came along I paid something like £50 instead of £79 and similarly for 2024 version.

I thought there was a "minimal install" option you could choose if you had Pro, should you not want all the bundled apps included with the full-fat Pro edition.
Another option would be to install Core.


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