Round top bar in Gnome 3 on Zorin?

Hey, so i have a quick question before i head to bed, I used Manjaro for a while before making my last distro hop to zorin almost 2 years ago now and one of the things i loved was the Gnome 40 rounded top bar corners
and the task switcher that mixed the apps grid and desktop view into one center of usefulness... XD Is there anyone that knows how I might get either of these things or both of them on Gnome 3 in zorin? I have a lot of shell extensions installed already and i am not afraid to get dirty but i am starting to feel the distro hop bug again, i really want to have some of these "eye candy" features of gnome back and the insane speed and efficiency that can be accomplished with gnomes latest releases... They truly are the most unique and amazing desktop out there for any device. so any input and tips are welcome! and Thanks! -FailurePoint

There should be an extension that gives back those round corners. I can't recall its name, but let me see if I can find it.

Found them, but they are for Gnome 40+

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Yes, thanks you for the input but that one does not work since it is for gnome 40+ and i want it to work on zorin.

Is it possible that maybe i can't cause this effect by editing the css file for the zorin theme? I don't know much about css but want to get this working really bad now XD

It seems likely that you can, actually. I would need to confirm this by testing on Gnome, but whenever I made a Gnome theme before, I often rounded the corners on the panels.

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That's great! I have pretty much given up...
I know very little about CSS I was just doing a little reading and it sounded like it might work but I was unable to find anyone who tried it.
I would love it if you had some time if you could give that a try or point me to some learning resources you are aware of so I can...

What theme are you currently using?

The default dark theme for Zorin OS Pro (zorin-os-dark i think). I have not added anything extra for themes only gnome shell extensions.

The default Zorin OS dark themes are:

  • ZorinGreen-Dark
  • ZorinGrey-Dark
  • ZorinOrange-Dark
  • ZorinPurple-Dark
  • ZorinRed-Dark
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Thats the one.

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I just tested this by booting up my copy of Zorin OS Core 16.2 and loading ZorinGrey-Dark theme.
It worked perfectly.

Elevate to Root:

sudo -i

Launch Nautilus File Manager


Navigate to /usr/share/themes/ZorinGrey-Dark/gnome-shell
Right click on gnome-shell.css and open with Text Editor.

Tap ctrl+f to search and enter in #panel
You will find the line:

#panel { background-color: rgba(25, 25, 25, 0.75); font-weight: bold; height: 2.4em; font-feature-settings: "tnum"; }

Add a border radius to it:

#panel { background-color: rgba(25, 25, 25, 0.75); font-weight: bold; height: 2.4em; font-feature-settings: "tnum"; border-radius: 24px; }

Save the file, then reload the theme.
You can undo the action in text editor with ctrl+z to revert changes, then resave the document.

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That's Awesome thanks! However, It is only a step closer, what I was trying to get was like in the photo in my first post.
I wanted it to bend down, not up.
But thanks for looking into it for me...

Is the black portion the panel?

Yes. I want the black part where it pulls down at the edges to fit the top of the rounded windows.

Ah, I see... I know of no way of doing this in the .css since there is no way of making a negative radius on a corner. That must be allowed for in the gtk which the theme.css can then call upon.
And... Looking into this:

Gnome is removing that.

Yeah. OK. That's what I had concluded too before I saw what you said.
Seems dumb to me that they would remove that since it added a lot to the "eye candy" of the system but I guess they had good reason. thanks for helping me though.

No, not really.

It may be possible to "fudge" the effect by expanding the panel slightly and giving it a false background that matches the window. Make the window corners square to match the underside of the panel... But this would not work well on Small unmaxmized windows, like Model Windows.
And... Since Gnome is the only desktop that is inconsistent with its window use (Sometimes using the Window Class, sometimes the Notebook Class... You will see some windows composed only of a header with a notebook > stack), then only the windowed apps will match while other Gnome apps would mismatch. Fixing that would require doing some pretty funny things with Margins... I wouldn't want to try it.

yeah, I am not that interested in getting that dirty with the code. I am to busy and lazy for it. LOL thanks though.

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