Rounded Window Corners Extension

im trying to download the rounded window corner extension and it fails saying i dont have a JS module 'workspaceAnimation found in search path. any ideas?

You can't use that extension on Zorin OS. IT's for Gnome 40+

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thanks for the info

No problem :). Zorin OS will be Gnome 42, so there's something to get excited about. :slight_smile:

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O: when is that projected to take place? will it be in an update for 16.2 or when 17 is released?

It will be zorin OS 17, forgot to write in my previous post.

any chance 16 pro adopters will get 17 pro complimentary?

Nope. It's re-purchase, sorry. If there's going to be discount I don't know.

:EDIT wrote wrongly it's re-purchase not pre-purchase :stuck_out_tongue:


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