Rouvy Cycling app - Windows app installed failed

Dear all,
I am a cycling fan and I have a dedicated windows computer for the Rouvy cycling app. This is like a game for indoor cycling.

I have Zorin OS Pro 16.3. I downloaded the .exe file and proceeded with the install. Once installed, I was able to log into the app then, it crashed, becoming unresponsive.

I would love to convert my Windows computer to Zorin OS, but the tools provided by Zorin does not seem to be able to run this windows software.

Any guidance or advice?

Thank you.

Well, it runs on Android... so you might install an Android emulator, then run Rouvy from there... might work.

Or you can run Windows under Linux in a VM, then run Rouvy under Windows... that's likely your best bet, and the most robust, since you can move that VM to any other Linux machine and it'll run without Windows pitching a fit due to hardware changes (Windows running under a VM sees a standardized set of virtualized hardware that doesn't change from machine to machine).

To get it to run under Wine or Play On Linux, you'll have to contact Rouvy and ask them what Windows dependencies are needed to be installed under Wine for the program to run.

If you're not set on Rouvy, there's BigRingVR... they've got an appimage that'll run under Linux (you have to contact them to get it), and it's supposedly got better graphics than Rouvy.

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Thank you Mr_Magoo for this information. I have no clue how to install a Virtual Machine on my Zorin OS. Still new.

I'm wondering if it is worth the hassle doing this. I use the computer only for Rouvy, therefore, maybe easier sticking to Windows.


This actually can be one of the easier things you can try out.
I would suggest starting with Gnome-Boxes.
Grab any .iso file you want - another GnuLinux distro... Windows...
And mount it in the Gnome-Boxes VM. It's really straight forward- just follow the prompts - but feel free to ask if you run into any sticky points.

Then play with it for a while to get an idea of how it all works. Once you have built up your confidence, you can delete the image (To avoid any errors that may have accrued during unregulated play with it) and set up a more serious image to use.

The Windows 10 PE .iso file is here:

That'll boot Win10 PE, a liveCD version of Windows 10 that should run Rouvy.

Do as Aravisian states above, load that .iso into Gnome-Boxes, then load Rouvy under Win10 PE.

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