Royal Z - A new Icon theme for Zorin 16


Royal Z is a black/white icon theme based on Spring and Papirus for Zorin 16 and Zorin 16 Plus. But should work without any problem on other distros as well.
It aims for Black GTK/Gnome-shell themes.

This is an alpha stage release for feedback and requests.

"Royal Z" goes well with the GTK/Gnome-shell theme "Shade of Z", which are available here: Shade of Z - Desktop -

Download "Royal Z": Royal Z -


What you think? Does it folder icons fit the rest?


I think the icons looks sweet. What I like best about them is they got rounded edges. But yes, they do also match well. And your desktop background looks like armored plating on something, so thats cool too lol.


Looks good :slightly_smiling_face:

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Another teaser. Some of the mime types icons looks like;

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An alpha 1 version of Royal Z have been released for testing.

Get it here: Royal Z -


An alpha 2 version of Royal Z is now available at Github. I finished the mime types icons. That took all day and night.

Download: GitHub - SethStormR/Royal-Z: A new icon set for Zorin OS


looks cool :slight_smile: thanks .. You always bring us something new
Waiitng for more themes ( shade z dark glass is so dope <3 )


An alpha 3 version of Royal Z is now available at Github. Emblems and Devices icons are completed.

Download: GitHub - SethStormR/Royal-Z: A new icon set for Zorin OS


Royal Z - Glass in progress.


I really love the transparency of the window. You can see your desktop behind the icons which is cool. And that is one cool cat. :sunglasses:


Version 1.0 have been released!

  • Zorin OS 16 Pro fully supported
  • Places Icons completed
  • Mime Types icons completed
  • Emblems Icons completed
  • Devices Icons completed

Get it at github; GitHub - SethStormR/Royal-Z: A new icon set for Zorin OS


Royal Z - Glass version have been released!

To get the fully of Royal Z - Glass you must use a transparent/translucent GTK theme (see screenshots). You can use Shade of Z - Glass without the blur effect to archieve this; Shade of Z - Desktop -

Get Royal Z - Glass here: GitHub - SethStormR/Royal-Z: A new icon set for Zorin OS


A video with Royal Z - Glass inaction

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The alpha version on the sixth day have over 550 downloads on Pling. That's pretty good for an alpha version first release.

Celebration!!! :cake:


Royal Z and Royal Z - Glass version 1.0 is now available at Pling.


Version 1.1 have been released at Github!

What's new?

  • Games: (Steam) Endless Space 2, (Steam) Pathfinder: Wrath of the Rightous,

  • Games: (Steam) Slay the Spire, (Steam) Master of Orion 1+2+3,

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  • Apps: Tilda, Cool Retro Term, Bleachbit, audacious, texmaker,

  • Apps: RocketChat, Lollypop, Foxit Reader, Acetino2, Acetoneiso,

  • Devices icons: USB stick icon added

Get it here (will first hit Pling in the weekend): GitHub - SethStormR/Royal-Z: A new icon set for Zorin OS

I know that version 1.1 havn't hit Pling yet (will do saturday night), but version 1.2 will offer category icons (which I forgot since I switched to Unity layout).


Royal Z version 1.1 is now available on Pling: Royal Z -

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Royal Z version 1.2 is now available at github:

What's new?

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Apps: Pling, Sublime Text, Sublime Merge, Dropbox,

Added: Category Icons
Added: Mega Emblems icons
Added: more mime types icons

Fixed: folder icon when transfer or merging directories