[]rtlwifi: AP off, try to reconnect now

I have done a update repair on recovery mode and now I booted it and this is sowing this message on a dark black screen. Please help me to solve this

Hello, any one please help me. I am very scared of this

You need to please understand that the moderators of this forum are all volunteers. They do not watch this forum every moment so it sometimes takes a few minutes to get a reply. I tried to look up your problem and it appears that you have lost your wifi connection. I would suggest that you restart or reboot your modem and if that doesn't help then reboot your computer. If that doesn't work then you will just have to wait until one of the moderators can help you.


Are you able to Boot Zorin Normally?
If so, we can check your Powersave options and check your wifi driver.


Moderators are not expected to be Linux Gurus, but rather, help maintain the integrity and free flow of the forum.
All members may troubleshoot issues and support eachother as a community.


No I can't boot Zorin Normally

Are you using a USB wifi dongle or internal wifi card.

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You can enter in the grub menu if i am not wrong.

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Yes I am using a USB wifi dongle.

Did you try to remove it and reboot ?

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Yes I can enter the grub menu

Yes I have tried

Still can't boot Zorin.

Can you change the kernel to see if that makes any difference ? I think this can be done in the grub menu

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I am new Linux user so I don't know anything about grub. Can you help me to do that. I am a noob in Linux

I don't know how to do that. Please help me to change my kernel

To help Michel help you, please post a screenshot of what you see if you boot your machine with the wifi dongle removed.


It's boot's like normal Zorin os but after sometime it sucks Here. It's now the 3 hours from turning on my laptop and still it is showing me this screen.

This is the result after removing WiFi dongle

Press the escape key during boot a few times. If escape does not work use the shift key. One of the 2 keys will let you enter in the grub menu.

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Yes sir, now I have entered the grub menu