Run a .swf file

Hi all,

I put Zorin on a old laptop and the user was used to run an English course which is a .swf interactive video file.

I tried already to use vcl, but this error occures

application/x-shockwave-flash decoder is required to play the file, but it is not installed

I know that Flash Player was discontinued for security reasons.

  • Any idea on how I can run it in Zorin (ideally in a safe way) ?

Yes, I use the standalone Flash Player for flash games etc stored on my computer.
You can also get an installer:

hei thanks @Aravisian
Is that safe to still run Flash Player after the end of life?
How can I run this install?

It is safe.
The script on the page can be saved in your home folder, marked as executable, then run.

wget -O flash_player_sa_linux.x86_64.tar.gz

Extract the file and use it as a Standalone, without installing.
Which is what I do.
Double click the Flashplayer to launch it. Then click File > Open and navigate to the file you wish to open.

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@Aravisian thank you really VERY much for the support! That is a very nice trick!

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