Run Sh script with no popup?

Hey everyone, I've got an executable shell script saved to my desktop. I'd like to have it automatically execute when clicked with no popup. How would I go about bypassing the popup asking if I'd like to execute it in a terminal, execute it another way, or open it with a text editor?

Thanks in advance!

To remove the confirmation popup in general:
Please launch the Nautilus File Manager (Files) and click on the hamburger icon, then Preferences
Navigate to the Behavior tab and under Executable Text Files, select the radio button for "Run them".

For One Individual file, launching from terminal does not give the File Manger Confirmation Popup.
So launching within the path or with the path to (replace with your actual script name):
./ or ~/Desktop/
You can assign a keyboard shortcut to ~/Desktop/ to launch it directly that way without the popup and without opening a terminal.

Thank you so much for your answer! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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