Run snap as root

I installed blender trough snapcraft and it works fine.
But I can only install blender add-ons when I run blender as sudo blender, is there a way to give a snap root privileges?

I installed blend trough snapcraft because it is one of the 2 recommended ways on the blender website.
The other way is through a tar.xz, but I don't know how to install, remove and update those.

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I don’t know if this helps: How to launch sudo snap in Ubuntu Software? - snap -

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Thanks, but I wasn't able to fix it.

To my knowledge, most Snaps are sandboxed and don't and cannot access your root even if you run or install them as root. You can install Blender through the Software Centre using the ZorinOS-Repositories or install it with your Terminal.

$ sudo apt install blender ←installs Blender


Thanks for the help!

I tried the flatpak instead of the snap and that works!
Not sure why, but it works, and why Blender promotes the snap instead of the flatpak in their website?

I like to install apps trough flatpaks or snaps because they auto update and I don't think apt's do?

Apt(s) do update automatically, they are maintained by the distribution. ZorinOS don't always have the latest packages because they want to ensure stability.

Flatpaks is a format but the most common Flatpak repo is Flathub. Flathub maintains their repo, so that's why it's the latest version. Snaps are developed by Canonical and they maintain snapcraft.


I was talking about updates being automatically installed, that does not happen with Apt's, right?

Apt is used by a lot of distros, but you say they are maintained by the distribution.
Does this mean every distribution has their own 'version' of apt?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm trying to wrap my head around all this. In my opinion, all the package options is the most confusion thing about Linux.

Apt(s) can be automatically updated or manually updated.

ZorinOS is based on Ubuntu which is based on Debian. Distributions based on Debian uses Apt. Each distro uses apt has a repository they maintain. I think ZorinOS uses part of Ubuntu's repository. Not all distros use Apt, some distros are not based on Debian [e.g. Arch, Gentoo, Red Hat, Manjaro, Fedora].

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So every distribution can apt repo's to apt and then have to maintain these repo's. Am I seeing this correct?

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