Run Think or Swim with Zorin

Has anyone successfully installed Think or Swim in Zorin and gotten it to run? If so, please provide any info on how to do it. Thanks.

I have never used or installed this app, but I did find this guide... I hope this helps:


I am running it, however the way it integrates isn't silky smooth like how webull works on Zorin. TOS creates a shortcut on the Desktop which I hate but don't think there's a way to integrate into taksbar or menu, at least I'm not sure how to do so.

Is it installed in WINE?

No it is not. Direct install, can't remember if it's a deb file though. If I can't remember then more than likely it is not.

You can check in terminal:
If it is .deb or installed with dpkg, apt:

apt list -a thinkorswim

If it is a snap, it will show:

snap list

If it is a Flatpak:

flatpak list

It is through an file

In that case, it is directly installed.

I notice this line:

we have no official support for configuring these operating systems.

The curl guide here:

Retrieves that same installer and runs it.

I am not really sure how to even diagnose it's hesitation.

Is it Gnome or XFCE desktop (Zorin Core or Zorin Lite)?