Running a .zip as a program

So I recently downloaded an indie game called Karlson on my zorin os laptop, it downloads a .zip file. I allowed the file to run as program but it runs in archive manager anyway, how can I fix this?

Extract the .zip file and then try double clicking it to run the Zorin Windows Apps installer.

The game is supported on linux…, and when extracting it it puts it into 2 files, one executable and one data file, and when running it it doesn’t work with install linux application nor install windows application

Right click the executable file and then select Properties. In the Properties popover window, move to the Permissions tab, then check the box for “Allow this application to run as a program.”

WinRAR may allow running as you intend. You need to use Wine to run Winrar and then open WinRAR. Then use WinRAR to open the zip and it may run it as a program. I vaguely recall WinRAR doing that with a self-extracting archive I had in the past.

Winrar just opened the file manager thing where you can extract it, i dont see any button or option to run it…

That doesnt work, still opens it with archive manager

Um, what did you download? Was it this:

Forth download down- -Karlson (LINUX) 46 MB

It worked perfectly on my machine when I downloaded it and tested it…

did you unzip the file and then run the executable, because it sais to run the .zip as a program which doesn’t work for me for some reason…just opens archive manager even if its marked to run as a program. And yea i downloaded that file

here is how to do it

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