Running android apps on Zorin. So Waydroid & Anbox are both no longer maintained?

I will try out genymotion in the meantime. I very seriously need to run an android app on my desktop. What should i do?

Going by this Install Instructions - Waydroid website, the commands
sudo apt install curl ca-certificates -y
curl | sudo bash
sudo apt install waydroid -y

in order worked for me. After typing these commands you have to click the waydroid icon which should appear in your applications list (or type waydroid in the terminal) and go through the GUI installation process. I would suggest going through the vanilla installation and not the G-apps one because some certificates are missing so the google apps are practically useless anyways

Just a side note, to close waydroid you have to type waydroid session stop because the gui close button doesn't seem to work for me. Also, to install android apps I recommend downloading the f-droid apk from their website, installing it in waydroid and then again installing the aurora store from there which can grab play-store apks for you.


Thanks! Yeah, i know about but havent tried waydroid, just was wondering if waydroid was even a good investment to try, if it isnt maintained anymore. :slight_smile:

From what I know anbox is the one which is not maintained, and waydroid is still very much in developement. From my personal experience waydroid runs pretty smooth and doesn't hog up resources like emulators (since this obviously isn't one). I don't have a lot of use-case for it except running lossless apple music. Can't really confirm how much it helps in other cases.


Se puede hacer con movie plus? Yo quiero instalarlo en mi distro pero ni idea si se pueda hacer sin volver todo un desastre.

Can it be done with movie plus? I want to install it in my distro but I have no idea if it can be done without becoming a disaster.

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