Running CiscoPacketTracer

I am doing a course in cyber security and i need to get Cisco packet tracer working so i downloaded it from the following website-

i have downloaded the file and gone for the installation and it does not work. Just keeps at 0% during the instalation of the file. What could be wrong? Please help or i will need to get a windows computer because it is a requirement for this course

Which version and edition of ZorinOS do you have?
Please edit your forum profile to show that information.

I assume you have created an account and downloaded a .deb file from the link you indicated.

I have no experience of cisco packet tracer, so all I can offer is websearch results. Have you seen this advice: How to Install Cisco Packet Tracer on Linux? - GeeksforGeeks

hi there, i have now won in installing cisco packet tracer on Zorin. Thanks for attending to my query. For reference i am running Zorin OS 16.3 64bit

OK, but it would be good if you edited your forum profile to indicate the edition e.g. Pro, Core, Lite, Education etc. That way we can see whether you have Gnome or xfce and not ask you the question each time you post on the forum. Thanks, Zab.

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I have no idea where to find this information, any hints?

Which version did you download and install?