Running scripts through Files

Apart from always being able to run/exec through the terminal I'd like to be able to start them via Nautilus/Files. I have Zorin 15.3, I have Files extended so I can enter folders as SU.
But even if I set the Behaviour in Files to "Executable text files" to "Run them" I still end up opening a text file (after SU pswd if needed)??

I noticed this was a topic in the old forum but what is the solution for Zorin 15?

Not sure whether this helps?

I'll check if the dconf option works! Tnx :slight_smile:

Nah, nope, tried running dconf in sudo and it says "Run" alright but still opens the file as text. Starting to suspect the file itself is the issue....

What file are you trying to run?
Does the file start with

#! /bin/bash

LOL no I'm currently learning about ksh :rofl:

Installing ksh and rewriting the shebang to point to the right directory, running it as root - presto! Stopped at the next problem. But I think this solves the question at hand.

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