Rx 580 GPU running a little hotter then in windows 10 at idle

Just installed zorin os core latest version, I updated it as well, im Loving it its so cool thanks developers for the hard work,

I have a issue where my Xfx rx 580 8gb gts black edition is running hotter at idle then it usually does in windows 10, in zorin os it runs at 45c-50c idle also the fans stay on at 744-745 rpm while in windows 10 there OFF at idle they only come on at high loads and it idles at 32c-39c

How can I edit the settings for the gpu to run it like in windows 10.
thanks god bless.

Maybe this could help you:


That last one, although linux mint related, has link to this ubuntu community item:

See if you can switch drivers under Zorin Menu -> System Tools -> Software Updater -> Settings ->Additional Drivers. My desktop GPU fans were always running until I switched drivers.

I dont see anything about gpu drivers in additional drivers.

Download and install the 18.04.5 HWE driver from: https://www.amd.com/en/support/graphics/radeon-500-series/radeon-rx-500-series/radeon-rx-580

thanks for the help, so I installed pop os just to try it out and im getting the same gpu temps 45-48C idle with fan speeds at around 745rpm, what driver would I install for this pop os.

gpu sensor reads “edge” then temps of 45-48c with fans at around 745 rpm.

Also i Just installed radeon profile from github and have set the power level of the rx 580 to AUTO and the temps have decreased to 38C-39C as of writing this.

Edit, afterwards when I set fan control to a AUTO i got a whining noise from the GPU, seems like the gpu is set to run differently with the default pop os drivers and zorin os drivers.

As an alternative to my earlier post you can also look under Synaptic for “amd driver” and test the other options there.