Samba file folder sharing not available

Previous to the updates (around December 2021) I was able to use samba and share files or folders while using virtual box or apps from my Samsung phone. This is not the case anymore, something has changed. The necessary files for samba are there but, I cant use share anymore.

Are you able to connect to samba, but not able to access files?
What are the contents of smb.conf?

I'm able to connect samba. Well it is available in my file managers (Dolphin and Nautilus) and I can select them, but the files/folders are not available while connecting to Zorin.

As you can see this is Dolphin, the selections are set for sharing.

This is Nautilus, the settings are the same.
Screenshot from 2022-02-09 23-53-41

Added some rules to Gufw (network settings). Even tried it with the network settings completely set off, but still - the file/folders don't show while trying to connect.

Have not made any changes to or in the samba.conf file.

Am I the only one using samba and having this problem, or am I the only one with this problem. Haven't found any issue's (yet) concerning this problem. But like said - before previous updates, everything was working fine and all my connections were working perfectly.

I encountered this while using windows 11 in Virtual Box. Its easier when I can use and share my file/folders directly while testing some apps that can only run under windows.

Do recall exactly when you installed the updates? I know you said december...

No, sorry, cant recall when exactly when.
But I know there was an update back then. Saw something scrolling over my screen announcing samba. Didn't use it till a few weeks ago while doing some testing in virtual box. Connecting and sharing files/folders even in 15.3, I never had any issues.

Are you able to connect and share your files/folders?

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I do not use Samba...

I do it all over the Cloud, instead.

How long has it been since you last cleaned your logs?
Yuo might run:

grep "install " /var/log/dpkg.log

To see if you can find the update in question.

To tell the truth I disable all the logs while using a file name "covermy#ss" from github. So I don't think I'll be able to find anything from back then.

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