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How to connect to samba share running from raspberry PI? Raspberry pi is running samba, it shares a folder, easy accessed in Windows 10. But how to access is in Zorin? From the GUI filemanager. My question is not about how to configure samba itself. Samba is already successfully running on Raspberry pi. It's how to access it from Zorin OS.

This guide should be helpful

And this AskUbuntu thread may apply:

Zorin 15.3 is built from Ubuntu 18.04

No good answers I think. I was basically asking for help concerning setting up shared folder in Zorin OS Filemanager GUI. My samba configuration is running just fine. How to connect to shared folder in Zorin Filemanager? There is already a samba running from a Raspberry PI.

The link I just posted:

And what happens when you access the raspberry directley with it's mDNS qualified host name ( its host name with a .local attached at the end )? Like this from a terminal:

nautilus smb://raspberry.local

Make sure you have avahi installed on the pi:

sudo apt install avahi-daemon

None of that is helpful, either?

No problem accessing samba shared folder in Ubuntu PC and windows 10 PC from Raspberry pi. Samba is running perfectly. It just that I don't how how to access it from Filemanager in Zorin OS. Local ip is: and share is: pi3share In widows I just mapped it by: \\pi3share

I think where I am confused is that Zorin OS file manager is the same file manager as in Ubuntu PC.
They use Nautilus...

However, it may be that you are using Zorin OS LITE? Zorin OS Lite uses XFCE4, which is the Thunar File Manager. Same as Xubuntu 18.04.

Yes, I'm using Zorin OS LITE.

Autologin can interfere with Samba on Thunar.
Thunar is the default file manager on XFCE and it operates differently than Gnome or Nautilus.
To set up Samba on Thunar would likely require setting up a Custom Action in the file manager. And this is where Autologin can create some issues.
Please read further on this thread on the Manjaro forum: