Samsung Keyboard Backlight Solutions?

Good day. I've been using Zorin for a few months and like it a lot. I recently bought a new Samsung 2 in 1 and installed Zorin right away. Most if not all of the laptop features work out of the box. But the biggest thing bugging me is the absence of backlit keyboard support. I've done a few hours of digging about the issue. Stuff from missing kernels to UEFI boot problems or stuff like that. Searching in the sys folders shows that there is no led file. Just curious if anyone on here has had any luck getting their backlit keyboard working on a current-gen Samsung device or if anyone has any remedies. I have an NP730QDA-KA3US.

Any help would be appreciated.

Samsung keyboard backlight is included in these drivers:

Thank you for the quick response. This is probably the wrong place to ask but do you know of any guides to help install such drivers? I am a novice with Linux and am just starting to play with the terminal.

I am sorry - I have been quite busy lately and as such, it reflects in the shortness of my posts. In the link above, you can see that the patch is suggested for the 5.16 kernel.
Which makes me wonder if the 5.15 or 5.16 kernel may resolve your issue.

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