Samsung or Crucial SSD?

In all the years that I had been building PC's, one of the number one things I had found, is that the best way to do it, is to do your research, and learn what components are compatible with each, don't just stop with the RAM, check everything.

And also, don't do the classic mistake that many people do when building their computers, and thats cheap out on the power supply. Buying a PSU too cheap, is a good way to find your components fried in short order.

In these modern times, in the USA, its now law in many states, that a PSU has to have a GOLD efficiency rating minimum, just to pass efficiency requirements. So, ya, always check your components compatibility before buying, its the best way to be sure.

Notice that I use the keyword had in my post. Thats cause I don't build computers anymore. I find it far easier to just buy a notebook, everything is compatible, already selected, installed, ready to go. And it was easy to upgrade mine with more storage too.

Of course, I made sure to buy the same brand and type of NVME SSD, that way, like I've said, things match, things work out of the box, and I don't even have to do a BIOS update. I know, isn't that so stellar? Anything that makes my life easier.

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They have a scan tool what told you what compatibility is ssd or ram.

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It is good model?

Please lookup Kingston drive compatibility with your motherboard. Kingston drives are known for their value, but not for their sheer performance.

My recommendation is Western Digital Black drives. They are the best balance between value and performance. But Crucial drives are also good for their balance of performance and value, see...

Hello @StarTreker thank you for answear. I can only sayed i am in zone "Shengen" that means not "EU". I will focus on Crucial then. Why? Because they lifetime is good in test and 5 years warranty ( i heard they want change warranty because new chia bitcoin what using free space on hard disk). I know WD drives a colour hard disk not for painting but what you want use. I will using Zorin mostly on ssd for operating system. Games and another data on hdd. I reading this is best option.

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5 years warranty. One question for older people retired which gui is best xfce or gnome? I mean not difficult to find anything?

Bourne, why 2x 500GB and not the 1TB?

Do you mean which DE is for older people or older people using which DE? :grin:

Yes for old people Zorin version xfce or gnome - like good whisky. xD
2x 500GB can always run RAID.

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Common, your not that old, or is it for someone else? You have hardcore gaming desktop.

If its for you, both shouldn't be a problem. Why not dualboot and see which one fits.

Btw is it old whisky for the people or whisky for the old people, :grin: :grin: :grin: maybe here is simple answear.

Of course you could look at which DE is user friendly, thats personal. In my opinion Gnome would be easier to use for older people.

But the first question would be what are the specs. If also depends on the hardware. For lighter specs I would recommend XFCE, else Gnome.. But Bourne, you already know this, you are aware of computers. You repair and assemble them daily, blind folded. :smiley:

Or is it too much Wisky because its Christmas


Here are good answears. Yes it depends on specification hardware. In theory i can installing them on Zorin and when login just choose which one is best for testing. Wright?

Yes, you are right. I suggested dualboot, but yours is a better option. That way you have several DE to choose from.
See, I told you that you knew this already. Are playing for quizmaster again, Bourne.
Guess, you tricked me .....again. :frowning_face: :upside_down_face: :yum: :laughing:

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Point of information, defragging is NOT the same as trimming!:

Interesting article on how to install GNU/Linux on differernt SSD's

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This is a matter of preference. I am 63 years old, I think that counts as an "older person", I prefer Mate which is a GTK-3 port of Gnome-2 with some enhancements but basically retains Gnome-2 layout and functionality.

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