SATA USB adapter is not recognized

buy a SATA USB adapter to recover data from an old hard drive, but zorin doesn't recognize it.
What I can do?


Please be sure to plug it into a 3.0 port and do not use an external hub - the drive needs to be powered through the cable. It needs to be getting 500mA.

Plug the device in and then open a terminal and run


Check the list to see if your old HDD is recognized on the printed list.
If it is, ID and and you may try mounting it per the ID and using the mount command.

and isn't it better to use lsusb?

If you know what you are looking for already and just need to see if it is connecting, sure. You are trying to ID a device that is not being recognized by the desktop file manager. dmesg is more detailed and shows ports.

What happens is that I cannot distinguish what I am seeing.

Yes, you would need to scroll down a ways. You can use grep to isolate just USB devices:

sudo dmesg | grep usb

Even so, while this is a good thing to do- I would prioritize checking that the drive is getting enough power. You mentioned that this was an Older HDD and it is far more common that lack of power is the cause.
On my own machine, I have a sata to USB adapter with a separate power line on the external HDD.

well, then I think I'm going to change the adapter for one with independent power.


Hopefully that is all it is. But in the chance that is not; It is definitely preferred to have the adapter with independent power for all future use; so is not a waste, at least.