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Hello, I have a PC with Zorin, I have used the OS for more than 7 years, it is my main OS, I also have a MacBook that I use when working outside the office, there is something that I would like them to add to Zorin that it does have IOS, when I turn off my machine it asks me if I want to open the applications when I start my OS, and I would like to see that in Zorin since I have many applications open and I don't like to open them again every time I start my machine,

  • The other situation is that when I tried Ubuntu I realized that the OS was stuck, that has happened to other friends who use Ubuntu, and I changed to Zorin because of that, but in this version of Zorin the same thing happens.
  • this is a translation.

I would say that this is covered under 'startup-applications' - you just don't get asked the question at shut-down. It makes sense to have your most used apps in startup applications, but not have too many as it can cause bottlenecks on the system:

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I'm sorry I don't think I explained it well, when I turn off my machine and I have open applications I would like to start my Zorin again without having to open the applications that are already where I left them the last time, is it the same as what you say?

Does the hibernate function fill this need?

It is the option that I have used but there are times that my backup battery is not enough and when the power service is lost in my city for a long time then I have to turn off my PC.

In this post, it appears you have answered your own question. Yes, you can hibernate, etc. in order to have access to your previously open applications. But this will be limited by the battery life...
Any system will be limited by this.

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So Sleep mode goes into low-power mode, Hibernation the contents of ram are dumped into the swap area and the machine is powered off, hibernation should not affect battery life as long as you have enough swap space, if you don't then it will go into sleep mode. So if you have 8gb of ram, you should probably have 150% swap size so 12gb partition.

Alternatively, there is a gnome extension that does this on github, I have not used it myself so can't vouch for it, but seen it recommended elsewhere you can check it out, and decide if you want to test or not


Lifesaver. I forgot that...

Though I believe most modern laptops even when shutdown go into modern standby mode S0 ~ if battery drain is an issue even when shutdown its worth checking to see if this can be disabled in your bios. It improves boot time, by bypassing self power on checks and stuff but if your battery keeps dying, then its not work the 3 -4 seconds..

on my Macbook I have no problems is on my PC

If I understand, that's why I say on my macbook I do it without problems that's why I mentioned if they would consider it in the next versions of Zorin

Yes, @seanhinkley corrected me in this post:

Hibernate moves the data stored in RAM to Swap - which writes to the Hard Disk (Spinning or SSD), which will save the data, regardless of if the battery dies.

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