Save images by drag and drop from the browser to the desktop

Hello everyone, I'm new here and also on Linux :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have a little problem, when I drag and drop an image from my Firefox browser to my desktop to save it, I get an HTML shortcut.

I have searched but I can't find a working answer. Change the file explorer? I'm not very comfortable yet.

I use this way a lot to drag images, to re-upload it right away somewhere else online, before deleting that image.

I also noticed that you can't drag and drop to folders in the file explorer. I don't know if this is a normal restriction of my default file manager (Nautilus).

PS : I have Zorin OS 16 Pro

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If I drag from Firefox to Desktop I get a pic.
If I drag from Firefox to an open folder I get a link.
Thanks for teaching me this method - I didn’t know it existed.

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You may also Right Click and "Save Image As..."
You can set the download location to be your Desktop instead of the Downloads directory if you prefer.


Thanks everybody for your quick reply :blush:

I know the method of right click and "save as" but it is not really practical, I work with two screens and there is no faster method than the one I am talking about.

Unlike @carmar, I only have the possibility to open the link and I don't have an image, to my great regret.

For the moment I just use "ctrl + s" then "enter", but it is not easy with Firefox because it requires additional clicks unlike Google Chrome.

I search and see person talking about Caja and have this feature "drag and drop" image, but I don't know if it is KDE and if we have KDE or Gnome with Zorin.. I am a noob :slight_smile:

Sorry for my English, I use Deepl

Caja is a gtk file manager, not QT (KDE) and is the default File Manager for the Mate Desktop.


Hi everyone,

I found, when you drag and drop an image from the browser to the desktop, an html shortcut is created.

When you drag and drop an image to your personal folder, it is an image that is created.

Thanks @carmar for the clue :wink:

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In the event you find my suggestion sufficient, would you consider marking my post as the solution?

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