Saving photo changes on Gimp 2.10

Any one know how to make GIMP save changes to a photo? Or am I mistaken in thinking that it will save changes?

The instructions given here:

are not working.
I have updated Gimp 2.10.

When I have an image in it and edit, I just have to click File -> Export As and I don’t even need to click Save. It exports the image wherever I want. I have version 2.10.14.


Thanks Carmar. It does work. At a loss as to why they have the option to save, which doesn’t.

“Saving” in Gimp saves in a Gimp Template Format. That is to save a Project- not to save an Image.
To ‘save’ an image, it must be exported since you are exporting the raw data into the format you will use, for example .jpg or .png.

Thanks Aravisian, that clarifies it well. I’m still wading (rather than swimming) through the Ocean of Open Source, it’s great to have you all supplying support.

I use Gimp every single day- so feel free to ask any questions about Gimp.