Saving windows position and size

Is it possible to make any window save its position and size when closed so next time they open on the same state? It's really useful when opening always the same stuff that's used more frequently. Maybe a good feature would be to be able to mark the window to memorize its position and size rather than setting it for all, :pushpin: to memorize window position and :arrow_up_down::left_right_arrow::ballot_box_with_check: (an icon with these 3 in 1, or anything similar) to memorize window size.

I'm using gnome shell extension Smart Auto Move:

It saves the position for each window and restores it after restarting the application.
If you are using GNOME (Core or Pro version), this might be the solution in this case.

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I see, and now where do I extract the .zip files?

Hm... Sorry! I am a user and not a developer or terminal expert.
I just clicked the "ON" button to install the extension automatically.
But I found this page that describes a manual installation of Gnome shell extensions using the zip file:

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