Screen Capture not working as it supposed to!

I'm currently using Zorin OS 17 when I try to use ksnip it generates a black screen preventing me from capturing everything. Any tips, I really like the app, I've tried Flame shot, but it doesn't work properly either. All I'm left with is Zorin's own capture system, which doesn't have all the tools that these two provide. It used to work perfectly in the previous Zorin Version. thanks!

Hi, and welcome!

If you've installed ksnip from the Software Store, please check the dropdown menu below the "Install" button and select "ZorinOS" as the source. You will have to uninstall the current package otherwise you will end up with two conflicting instances of ksnip.

I can highly recommend Spectacle, which is what I used for creating the Unofficial Manual for Zorin 17 Core. I was hoping to use Shutter, but the store states it does not have the necessary dependencies, but I found Spectacle to be much better than Shutter.

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