Screen freeze opening Foliate

Hello, I just migrated to Zorin yesterday. My screen freezes when I opened any ebook (*.mobi) with Foliate. I'm not sure how to extract any useful log to determine the root cause. I have to do a hard reset and when I restarted the same happens again. Would you have any suggestion where I can check? Thanks.

If using the Snap Package, you could try:

snap refresh foliate --channel stable

Foliate is known to freeze or even crash entirely if opening files larger than a certain amount. And it can run into issues with systems using Intel integrated and Nvidia dedicated graphics.

There are a lot of epub apps out there and most of them, whether on Windows or Linux, seem to be plagued with problems. It is hard to really blame the developers on this one. It appears that creating and getting all the parts working of an epub reader is exceptionally difficult to do.
You might look into Koodo Reader. I remember this from another user that asked about reading some ebooks sometime back and I came across a very comprehensive review at the time. I will try to find it.

Thanks very much @Aravisian , I am using Foliate as it comes pre-installed in Zorin. I will run the command you mentioned.

Found it:

Oh you are using Zorin OS Pro.
Your profile says Core.

My apology, it does not seem to be from Snap (or I'm unsure how to see). I can view the Foliate installed inside Software. This means that command can't be used by me right? Sorry, I'm new to Linux.

Hmm.. perhaps it is cleaner that I re-install. I'll download the iso from zorin page and retry. I'll report back on the result.

Yes, it would be useless to you.
Snap and Flatpak are both alternative Package Management systems available on Zorin OS.

Clean re installation works perfectly :slight_smile: I may have messed things up while installing graphics drivers yesterday

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You can do it easily by booting your computer and open that e-book, then check the most recent logs on Logs. By the way it's a good rule for any issue you face, you boot your computer, try again to reproduce the same problem, open Logs, browse the most recent logs created and you'll find something. Sometimes the search bar and the Actual Boot search filter are really useful, too.

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Aha. I see the Logs now. Thanks a lot. I can use this next time.


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