Screen glitching when moving/resizing windows/apps

Hello, I have Zorin OS 16 Core edition in dual-boot aside Windows 10 in my laptop. Since installation I've been experiencing glitching pixels with certain windows/apps when I try to move them around or resize them. Here's how it looks like - (sorry for choppy quality)

As you might see above, the area around the window glitches when moved sometimes. The above glitch happens with some apps only, for example Gnome Boxes is opened in the above video; rest seem to work fine. My display drivers and all are up to date, and no issues seem to occur anywhere else in linux or when switching to windows side. My laptop is Lenovo V15-IGL, with below processor & graphics -


How can I fix this? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Have you yet fully updated after installing?

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

sudo reboot

and test...

sudo apt install inxi
And then
inxi -G
I'm on mobile, could somebody teach me how to insert code? I know no markdown

You wrap the code in triple backticks -> `.

inxi -G

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Thank you! Post saved!

Thats a bit painful to do with an Italian mobile keyboard but ok. Are they different than apostrophes? '

I guess syntactically they are not really that much different, but technically they are a different character with their own special meaning for markdown. It's also used in programming widely for this same reason.

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You can also refer to here:

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