Screen hinge cracked and broke on Zorin laptop

Hey all,
I bought a Zorin laptop a couple of years ago but now the laptop screen hinge has cracked on the right side. I doubt it has much time left before it breaks completely.
I am sure it was my sister forcefully closing the laptop screen on the right side. It nearly feels like the screen is bent from her hammer fists. Some people just don't care about these things. But to be honest the screen is not very rigid and easily bent. But it should have always been closed from the centre of the screen.
I live in Ireland in the south west. Is there somewhere in Ireland I could send it for a repair ? I might not be in Ireland in a year so sooner is better than later.

The PC has 4G of Ram
Intel Celeron(R) N4100 CPU @ 1.1GHZ x4
Graphics Mesa Intel UHD Graphics 600 (GLK 2)
Disk capacity 61.9 GB
Zorin OS 17.1 Core

I have fixed my fair share of laptops throughout the years. This is the perfect time for you to compare the cost of the repair against a new laptop. Something i do every time i have to repair any kind of hardware.

If the hinge is the only part thats broken, the cost shouldn't be too high if you do it yourself.

Yes, but the problem is the laptop is an old model.
Where do I get the parts. I think I need an entire new screen and the hinge could be broken at the chassis and not at the screen side. The computer was only 200 Euro or so. Might be easier to get a cable and hook it up to a monitor and leave it on all the time. It is just strong enough to be a browser PC. I could leave charts on and that's about it. Maybe watch some video on low Res

I would go to the manufacturer. Zorin is the software not the computer maker. Was it a Clevo or Star Labs laptop? Contact them about parts and/or repair options.

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I think I will just remove the screen and buy a video cable if it has an outlet for a cable. I can use it as a simple PC for watching streaming. Most cost effective way to use it now.

What for a Sister do You have, haha!

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