Screen is blinking

Before this i was using zorin and was having same problem then i reinstall it. I was running just fine for months. Well I'm running windows 10 on ssd I'm not having any problem in there.
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Can you boot from a Live Iso of Zorin and see if it happens there?

@Aravisian odds of an update to something causing this? Does not seem likely to me.

Yes, it is possible given that the system went from working to non-working, but is working on Windows.

@Pandakusum , have you tried accessing the Grub Menu and Advanced Options for Zorin and booting into an earlier kernel?

No, how do I do that?

Done but it's not helping. It's keep shuting down in loop and then starts on its own

Have you confirmed if this happens on a Zorin Live drive so we can know if it is something unique to your running system?

Just confirming you said no GPU, so its only intel igpu - I've found after the latest kernel update my machine doesn't like going from igpu to gpu if if its doing something - like if i launch Cura while youtube is playing the desktop subsystem crashes, to a black screen flashing cursor. But I am running a AMD 5700g and rx580x so my issue may just be amd releated and Im running the amd_pro drivers not he default kernel ones.

Next time you get the black screen - try ctrl+alt+f1 or ctrl+alt+f2 and see if either one brings you to a login screen, if yes this would indicate a driver issues causing wayland/x11 to crash.

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On that image I see "width: 32 bits" and, as far as I know, Zorin 16 only has support for 64 bits CPUs...

Installing 64 bits systems on 32 bits processors is possible, since I managed to install Kubuntu 64 bit on an older 32 bit laptop that I still use for testing purposes, but visual glitches can happen when you do that, and of course, screen blinking can be one of those problems of forcing a 64 bits system onto a 32 bits cpu

I only see two possible solutions:

  • Since you said it's a desktop and not a laptop, replacing the CPU with a 64 bit one should fix the issue
  • If you don't want to buy a new CPU, you could install the 32 bits version of Zorin 15 (not recommended because it recently dropped support), or switch to a different distro that still supports 32 bits CPUs, like debian.

Not sure that statement is true just yet. I'm still getting updates for Z15.3 (64bit).
I understood Zorin continue to maintain support of 2 major versions at any time, so currently Z15 and Z16, hat is until Z17 comes along.
Someone correct me if I am wrong.

That may be true, but even if they are keeping support for a bit longer than they originally said until Z17 releases, the release of Z17 isn't too far away, so installing an OS that you will have to get rid of in less than half a year isn't ideal


Zorin 15 will get security updates until 2028. So no harm in using it.

But this is not the issue OP has I do not believe. It worked fine for an extended amount of time apparently.

Can you install inxi and paste the output to confirm exactly what cpu you have?

Also I still recommend seeing what happens on a Live USB

My eyes went right over that...


They never said. The LTS support cycle is a set standard.

Not knocking anyone; but accurate and verifiable information really is necessary.

Zorin OS 17 will not have any 32 bit support.
So if a user is relying on 32bit support on Zorin OS, Zorin OS 15 is the last remaining option.

i thought i've seen somewhere that it was until april 2023, I'm guessing I may have confused it with something else then

I know, that's why i said "have to get rid of" instead of "have to update"

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Trying to look where my confusion with the security updates end was caused, I got back to a post in which you say Zorin 15 is supported until April 2023.

So my new question is: What's the difference between being supported and receiving security updates? I thought they were the same thing and that's where my misunderstanding came from

It is confusing.
LTS support includes two main things;

  • Security
  • package updates and improvements or bugfixes.

Security gets supported on Zorin OS 15 until 2028.

Package updates were supported until this past May of 2023.
Thinking is that most any major bug should have been ironed out by then and independent package maintainers cannot be expected to backport all their new work for extended periods of time.

So I actually stand corrected.
You are both correct, depending on how you prioritize which component of the system.
However, if someone is extending the life of a 32bit machine, they probably are not too concerned about having the latest version of say... gedit.

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Any bugs that exist after the “support” cut off date will not be patched.

But security threats will continue to be patched.

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Sorry for late reply. The problem was fixed on its own after couple of days. It was working fine then it starts to freeze.

Actually it is 64 but idk why it's showing 32 width

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