Screen is blinking

I'm using zorin 16. For a couple of days my screen started blinking once in a while now it's happening more frequently and my machine shuts down once and started again. Doesn't seem like a hardware problem. My ram is new and i even changed the cables. How do I fix it?

Is this a desktop?

Also what is the GPU in the system?


Yes desktop


sudo apt install inxi

Then paste the output of


I can't now it's shutting down more frequently when i try to open terminal

When you say it is shutting down the entire computer is turning off all at once?

Do you know if it has an Intel or AMD CPU?

Yes and it turning on after shuts down.
Its Intel

This sounds like it could be overheating that is getting worse. You might take a can of compressed air and thoroughly blast out all vents as a cheap first thing to try.
Boot up and immediately start Psensor

sudo apt install psensor

and monitor temps.

Check Graphics with:

sudo lshw -C video

Is this a notebook or a desktop computer?

This may help:

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In that case, check the heat vents on the Monitor. Are you using more than one monitor?

Might need the i915.enable_psr=0 grub parameter...

Done but the problem is still there.
I'm using one monitor
How do I check heat vents?

They are visible, if present. I have had some monitors that get pretty hot - and on the backside you can see the vents. I use Two Monitors on my computer, with the backsides completely unobstructed.

Its not hot

Have you tried adding this grub parameter?

Yes already done. Its not helping

Is this a new machine or was there another OS that was running on it before? If yes did it have any issues?

Also can you tell us more about your hardware?
mainly what's the CPU and monitor that you are using

Also can you boot into live mode with another distribution, just to check if this is a Zorin related problem.