Screen Magnifiers, Compiz on Zorin 16 Lite on 1.6G GHz machine

I think someone here suggested I shouldn't be using Compiz on Xfce desktop environment for some reason. I am not sure I remember or understand the reasoning exactly. However I do find Desktop Zoom very useful and sometimes necessary. I have not experienced any obvious problems with my desktop environment but there is the occasional quirk which I am working around.

If I am really only using Compiz for the desktop zoom would I better off using a native Zorin / Xfce solution for the same effect and quality ? I don't really want to go back to using KMag as I found that rather awkward to use and I wouldn't call that a desktop zoom product anyway.

You might read up this article:

I have never had any issues with that feature.

However,... In using Compiz a lot on Zorin OS Lite, I never had any issues with that either. And Compiz brings its own rewards in other perks.

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