Screen mirroring to phone?

Hello, yesterday my screen broke.

While I wait for a new screen, I need a way to mirror my screen to my phone (I dont have any monitors around) so I can keep using my laptop.
I've searched online for anything that does this on linux, but I couldn't find anything that worked on linux.

I did try VNC but the screen was blank on my phone.

Does anyone know an app that can do this?

Most modern laptops have an hdmi output. If your's does you could connect it to the TV and use it that way. My brother had to do that just last week when his laptop screen died.

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I could do that but I use my laptop in different places regularly so it wouldn't work

I haven't tried this but found this article that walks you through setting this up. If it works please report back – my screen has also started showing signs of malfunctioning... :eyes:

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That worked! The only problem is the cursor doesn't show on phone. but otherwise thank you! this is what i beeded

Edit: Forgot to mention that you cant use screen mirroring, it only works as a second display (might be wrong but i couldn't find a setting for it)