Screen resolution and flicker Ubuntu vs Debian?

I have been testing Ubuntu Distros including Zorin and a few others (Linux Mint, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, etc.) and they all have issues with flickering during boot and system instability.

I also tried Debian distributions (Debian, LinuxMX, Q4os, Deepin) and in these I have no problems of any kind when booting the system, but in these distributions I do not have animations in the system of any kind, and the resolution is not adequate

for example Deepin and UbuntuDDE, both are exactly the same but Deepin is based on debian, in Deepin I had no problems when starting the system, but I have no animations and the resolution is lower than what my screen actually has.

In UbuntuDDE if I can put the appropriate resolution and if I have the Animations, but I have eternal flickers when starting the system and Instability (As in Zorin)

If there is a grammatical defect, it is because I do not speak English

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An interesting observation. The only time I experienced flicker was using a free Braille translation program in Feren OS which made me resort to running the Windows version inside of a VM of Windows 8.1. Ubuntu is based on Debian and contrary to what I have read on the internet, Ubuntu came after Debian not the other way round (I have actually read an article which incorrectly stated that Debian was based on Ubuntu.) I now use Devuan as my main OS which is truer to the original Debian than Debian as it uses SysVinit instead of systemd which most other distros use. Devuan is made up of original Debian developers who weren't happy with the way Debian was going, following the push by Red Hat to adopt systemd across other distributions because Red Hat wants to be the M$ of the GNU/Linux world, and systemd was written by one of its employees. Sadly I could not get the GNU/Linux version of Brailleblaster to run on Devuan.

Hi Jesusito,

Could you please tell us what kind of hardware you are using?

I could be completely wrong here and this may not apply to you, but screen flickering reminds me of driver problems. I have experienced instances where something like that occurs with graphics driver problems. If so, it could be that Debian defaults to use the open source Nouveau driver, which might be more stable for your hardware, but does may not support higher resolutions. Again I could be wrong and you may have totally different hardware.

Download a whole lot, then test them out. I've had distributions where they are both based on Debian, you put them on your machine, and they both run totally differently - even though you expect them to run the same. It all boils down to... which one is most compatible with your hardware. That is YOUR best Linux distribution. Forget about people's opinions, that is a waste of time. It could be Zorin, it could be Linux Mint, it could be Ubuntu or even Debian (even though you need to be good with the terminal in Debian). Perhaps even try Fedora, Manjaro or PCLinuxOS. Some hardware is just stubborn. Try a different Linux family. I had one laptop that just hated Debian distros. I put Manjaro on it, worked first go and ran like a dream. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, because I didn't understand how Arch works, but there was a software store and lots of documentation on the internet. So, not a problem! All distributions are awesome and that's what makes it such a cool community!


From Ubuntu:

Debian is a volunteer project that has developed and maintained a GNU/Linux operating system for well over a decade. Since its launch, the Debian project has grown to comprise more than 1,000 members with official developer status, alongside many more volunteers and contributors. Today, Debian encompasses over 50,000 packages of free, open source applications and documentation.

Ubuntu develops and maintains a cross-platform, open-source operating system based on Debian, with a focus on release quality, enterprise security updates and leadership in key platform capabilities for integration, security and usability. Ubuntu milestone releases are made every six months, Long Term Support releases are made every two years. Enterprise maintenance and support are guaranteed by Canonical for five years with optional Extended Security Maintenance available to Canonical customers. Canonical also provides commercial support for Ubuntu deployments across the desktop, the server and the cloud.

All distributions are awesome and that's what makes it such a cool community!


An HP ProBook 440 G3, I5 6200U Skylake laptop, without a dedicated video card

HP Pavilion G7-2310ED (8 years old)


Acer Predator G9-793-71SJ (4 years old)

Both machine have no issues with ubuntu based distro's.

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OP is seeking help understanding screen flicker on Ubuntu based distro's compared to Debian.

I started to do that, I love trying different distributions, my favorite is Zorin, I have used it for a long time although it does not work so well on my new laptop, what has been better for me is Deepin but the graphics work badly, at least it turns on, on Ubuntu based distributions just turning on the system is a martyrdom, I have to add a lot of boot parameters to hopefully be able to see the graphical interface, after two centuries of startup process

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