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Bit of a dumb questions I probably know the answer to but I just wanted to check. I am hoping to install Zorin OS on an old netbook (which I currently don't have on me and I'm looking to get sent to me). All the specs check out, except the screen resolution. It's close though, the screen outputs 1024x600 but Zorin says it needs 1024x768. Is that really a hardline requirement for the OS? It's so close and Linux is usually so flexible that I find it hard to belive that it wouldn't work. Anyway, any help here would be most appriciated. I know older versions do have lower specs for screens but ideally I want something a bit more modern, especially since the rest of the hardware can take it.

It may work. But, a netbook from a decade ago may struggle with Zorin or any modern Linux. If it does not work out, antiX or Bodhi Linux might be a better solution. Let us know how things pan out for you.

Hmmm, they look interesting. I'll try Zorin Lite first and then consider those. I guess we'll see about the resolution.


Both Zorin OS 15 and 16 both worked on an old Panasonic Toughbook I have with that resolution just fine.


Zorin Lite should be a good Choice to test it I think.

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