Screen Saver Doesn't Appear

Hi. I set my screensaver to start in 2 minutes in Zorin OS Lite. But after waiting 2 minutes, it doesn't appear. I have to open the screensaver settings and then close it. Only then will the screensaver start after 2 minutes. Could someone fix this please? Thanks.

Is your build Zorin OS Core or Ultimate or Zorin OS Lite or Ultimate Lite?

Zorin OS Lite. It's not core or ultimate or education.

In testing various things to find you a solution, I have discovered I have the same problem - and none of the solutions worked.

Thanks for confirming.

Also, I think Screensaver activates over VLC when VLC is in fullscreen mode, even though I checkmarked "Inhibit screensaver for fullscreen applications".

VLC Vetinari (I didn't download latest VLC because it was all new and missing options I liked).