Screen Stuttering On Zorin OS 16

I kind of get screen tearing or stuttering(what's it called?) on my chrome browser in Zorin OS 16. How can I fix it?

Please look at this screen capture:

Could please explain what the issue I should be looking for? I don't see any stuttering in the video. This could happen sometimes. I had an issue with my display where if I scroll down, press buttons and do things like that crack like figures would form on my display. When I posted a question on the forum about this on the forum and also gave a video, they were not able to see the cracks while I was able to. Can you see the issue in the screen recording?

Screen tearing is caused, when the FPS of the computer, does not match the refresh rate of the computer, and results in what is known as screen tearing, which also results in FPS drops as seen by the user.

The quick solution in gaming for example, is simply to throw on V-sync, or AKA often times known as G-sync. However, if you have a dedicated GPU in your machine, such as Nvidia or AMD, you should really be operating under the proprietary GPU drivers for your GPU.

It is most common that the built in Linux Noveau drivers, do not fix screen tearing issues, never have in the entire time that I have used Linux. And if you have to activate certain GPU features such as 3D effects and other things that require GPU acceleration, the Noveau is not going to do that.

Only a proprietary driver as the bionary codes to activate dedicated GPU features. Check your Additional Drivers tabs, switch to your driver there.

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My laptop is already using my Nvidia GPU.

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Its nice to see you again Capriciousduck BTW, your username really stands out for me lol.

Since you are using Chrome, then the next thing that I am thinking about, is GPU acceleration enabled?

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Put this in the address field to access hidden Chrome settings...


Adjusting these settings to disable may improve performance, or make it worse, you have to experiment.

Also, in regards to screen tearing, disabling this might help...

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Yes, it's enabled.

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Ok. I will experiment with that.

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By the way, is it possible that I'm having this issue because I use 5.11.27 kernel instead of 5.11.34 or 5.11.37?

Try reinstalling the nvidia driver, my firefox was stuttering a bit a few days ago. This happend after a sudo apt-get remove command. I saw it removed some nvidia stuff and after that it happend. Reinstalled the drive fixed the issue for me.

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Ok. I will try this too.

Last I checked, I was still running the 5.11.37 driver on my Zorin OS machine. I haven't booted that machine in several days, so not sure if another kernel update has coming swooping through the land. But last I checked, I still had locked on that 5.13 kernel.

I should really fire that machine up so I can issue the next round of updates, for all I know, I have GIG worth of updating to do, or more lol. One of the things you learn about Linux is, its always updating, all the time.

But, the difference is, its YOUR choice to update, NOT the OS.

That kernel is not able to be installed on LTS.

I see, I didn't know that, all I know is we got it on our POP OS rolling release. Cause were rollin rollin rollin, role em back the prices go back, role hide! HAHA!

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Pop! OS does come standard with 5.13 indeed.

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