Screen Tearing and problems with hybrid graphics on dell laptop

I have a laptop with dual graphics card
and I want to know how can I enable prime render offloading in zorin os
I have installed nvidia drivers along side linux-firmware from ubuntu
but Prime-run does nothing and there is screen tearing issue when I drag my windows also only i915 driver is being used by the kernel

Hello chronos, welcome to the forum. Before we can begin to assist you we're going to need a little info. Which version of Zorin are you using and can you tell us the models of your graphics cards (integrated and dedicated). Having the model of your machine may be helpful to.

If you search this forum there is at least one other post, if not more, that i remember seeing similar to your issue, though possibly with different hardware. If you read through them some of the troubleshooting steps may be able to assist you and provide a solution.

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thanks for your reply as for the system info I have integrated intel gpu
and dedicated nvidia mx230 graphics card
I have already read the ubuntu and nvidia 's guide regarding this issue
but , I wasn't able to solve my problem

as for zorin version it is ultimate 15.3 I got the usb from a friend

It seems the 440 driver is the one you want. Zorin 15.3 is based on Ubuntu 18.04. Attempt to install the 440 driver, instructions in the following link will help.

I tried to follow the guide but apparently my harware is configured in such a way that nvidia card isn't connected to the display hence I can't exclusively install nvidia drivers from the official source

also after rebuilding intrafms scree isn't tering anymore but only intel drivers are being used

It should be an option to use the nvidia card for specific software, games, movies and such in the right click m menu after you install the nvidia driver. The integrated card will be used for most of the other software and os. I'm not sure how to setup the nvidia card as the only graphics processor... not off the top of my head. You can, I'm sure, but it will tax your battery something awful... that's your decision though. Try googling disabling integrated graphics, Ubuntu 18.04. It will probably require blacklisting the Intel driver.
I would be careful doing this though, check the nvidia server settings and make sure your card is visible and usable first.