Screen tearing on hp laptop

Will the drivers or updates downloaded in live session be used in the normal OS? Sorry for the dumb question still learning. Thanks.

Not a dumb question. And, I didn’t realize you’re in Live, my bad. I would think they would. @Aravisian or @Michel - correct?

Your 7150M does not have any drivers listed for it.
Could you post the output of sudo lshw -c video?

Any updates or drivers that you can access in the Live "Try Zorin" would be the same ones available after installing Zorin OS.
If they are installed in the Live Boot, they will not carry over onto an installation of Zorin OS - you would need to install them.

Using the LiveCD or LiveUSB is a nice test run... But it is not ever going to be wholly accurate. Especially where Nvidia is concerned. Live Mode uses a different method of drivers and this is part of why something can seem to not work in Live, but work perfectly fine after installing Zorin OS or the other way around: Work fine in Live and not work once Zorin OS is installed.
LiveUSB must always be taken with a grain of salt - on any distro.

What you can test:

Boot up and use Nomodeset.

This page may be relatable to you, and it includes instructions with images on how to add the nomodeset parameter.

(by the way, "Safe Graphics" is just automated "nomodeset")

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Great thank you everyone for all the help. The problem with the normal zorin os is the screen is so distorted I can’t do anything. I will read the article and try it. Just fyi I have two other computers I just installed zorin on and liked it so much I am trying to get it going on an old laptop this is not my normal machine.

Articles are like long posts on the forum. They look so daunting until you actually read it all and see how it is quite easy, after-all. :wink: You will be fine.
Once nomodeset is added to grub on the permanent install, it will remain there, removing any necessity to re-engage it with every boot-up.

This is 100% correct

The laptop your trying to install Zorin on is a museum piece :wink:. Released in 2007 and a really old intergrate gpu card.

The **NVIDIA GeForce 7150M** is an integrated (shared memory) graphic card for laptops with AMD processors (socket S1), found in the nForce 610M chipset. The difference to 7000M is that 7150M offers HD-video decoding for MPEG2, H.264 in 720p. The performance is good compared with other onboard graphic cards but not really suited for games.

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Yes his hp notebook is very old ddr2. Only 2Gb RAM

The OP is only thinking to use this machine for modest purposes of web browsing and email. I am sure it will be capable of that, bit like my old laptop running Z15.3 Core. Not all users are gamers or running power apps like meteorlogical models :wink:

Even in other linux, like AntiX, screen tearing is always there. Try if any of the suggestion in this site works with you

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Hahah I know it is. It has been sitting in a bin for the last 10 years and saw it there and was just seeing if I could get zorin to run for my kid to play on. No worries. Thanks for all the help.

@Whitecliff Please do not give up on that basis. I am still getting good service from a "museum piece" laptop of the same period. How far did you get with the graphics problem?

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