Screen tearing when using fractional scaling on intel graphics

My computer is a zephyrus M16, and i mostly use only intel graphics, because the nvidia card uses way too much battery.
The problem is when I use fractional scaling and set the scaling to 125%, I get massive screen tearing on the horizontal and diagonal direction. I tried to fix this problem by changing values on xorg.conf.d, but all I got was a black screen.
I use zorin 16 core
Please help :frowning:

Does this help Screen Tearing on Ubuntu Xorg 20.04 with Intel Graphics - Ask Ubuntu ?

Yeah I just tried that, bricked my computer, went into tty2, removed the changes, restarted, and somehow there were large black dots dancing over my screen. After restarting again, it crashed, never to be fixed again, and I had to remove the entire partition

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