Screen tearing?

Hey everyone,

I have an issue like in the video below, would be anyone willing to help because this is a nightmare, I don't know even how to describe it. Thank you in advance!

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Welcome! :smile:

What machine are you using - I see Dell; what are the specs? (make, model, WiFi chip, GPU, CPU, etc..)

That seems like either a video driver issue, or RAM..

For video info, in terminal: sudo lshw -C video will show you some HW information for your video card(s).

For machine info, also in terminal: neofetch should give device specs for CPU / RAM.


So, this is Dell Latitude E7270:

  1. Intel Core i5-6300U 2.40 GHz x 4 (neofetch - Intel i5-6300U (4) 3.000 GHz);
  2. llvmpipe (LLVM 12.0.0, 256 bits)(that is from settings)? i guess thats the issue (neofetch - Intel Skylate GT2 [HD Graphics 520]);
  3. SSD 512 GB;
  4. Zoring OS 16.3 x86_64;
  5. Os type - 64-bit;
  6. Windowing system - X11;
  7. Kernel - 5.15.0-88-generic;
  8. RAM 16GB.

For video info photo below. For the backstory I opened the laptop and it started to do that, so ...

That may just need some extra packages to get going..

If you do apt search i965 in terminal, do you get anything with non-free drivers? I have an Intel UHD 600 series for another laptop - had to install OpenCL stuff and a non-free driver to get fully working without any tearing or issues. You can also use Synaptic Package Manager (needs installing sudo apt install synaptic) to search for these packages as well with a GUI. To verify CL is working, use clinfo to display whether it's enabled - also needs installing sudo apt install clinfo and then run with clinfo. If you get a LOT of stuff on the screen after running clinfo, then you're good to go - usually if it's missing or otherwise not working, you get a rather blank display.

But, I do see *-display UNCLAIMED on your output..

And - have you updated since installing? There may be some updates that mitigate the issues.

Alright, so I've been using zorin for the past year and a half. There were no issues of this kind before. One thing I might add, what maybe cause it, is that I am using the android emulator from waydroid, so maybe there is some issue there, but I've installed it 1 month ago and everything was fine. Also, 2 weeks ago I did left mounting the current partition, to add space to the current partition with zorin, but everything worked fine as well after.

Alright, for your suggestions, I did the apt search and synaptic one and there were 3, the same, libraries. Clinfo returns nothing. Photos below. And what do you mean with non-free, as to pay for it?

For the updates, there are no updates currently in software updates, so it is up to date I think.

As I saw it I thought it was a simple window animation, but using jelly mode or windows animation option on Zorin Appearance both singularly and together didn't raise it to me. Does this issue affect even video playback or games framerate?

No no - nothing is paid, except Zorin Pro - haha!

Non-free drivers = proprietary drivers provided by the manufacturer, like with Nvidia drivers / AMD drivers, and some other popular hardware. Still free, just.. better :grin: usually come with 3D acceleration and other proprietary stuffs, heh.

This may or may not make a difference... I see in your terminal, you have (base) before your name@hostname - has that been there?? That does not look right, to me - but I could be wrong.. I was doing a little research about it - seems maybe some kind of a bash error?

Clinfo - that may not be good, not seeing any output.. do apt search intel-opencl-icd, if it's not installed - install it, then reboot. OpenCL is an Intel runtime that helps bridge the CPU with the built-in GPU - still learn-ding about it myself :laughing: I just know before when I didn't have OpenCL, even my older Wine games wouldn't run right - and was able to get a 60fps resolution after installing.

So, I've installed it, restarted and still persists. Luca, here is another video. So cannot test games, but videos yes. Everytime the screen is updating it does this top-down animation. About the zorin appearance, I actually did the jelly mode and the windows animation option, but when I saw the issue, my first thought was to disable it, and it didn't work. But maybe it is what caused it. I did it like a week ago.

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Using Firefox? Do you have hardware acceleration enabled?? I've never had that play right with anything myself - definitely not part of the desktop though..

After the install - did you run clinfo again to see if anything registered? Also - check sudo lshw -C video again to see if the 'unclaimed' has been 'claimed'. Should definitely get something with 'intel' where it says configuration: latency=0.

In synaptic, instead of searching for i965; search 'skylake' instead - you may see some drivers pop up that way:

I don't have any drivers installed manually; in the list there should be some non-free drivers that way, hopefully.. I have the 'intel-media-va-non-free' but not installed (screenshot), which:

Screenshot from 2023-11-13 14-41-10

Lots of support and HW acceleration, video codecs and such.

And also (I know, I repeat a lot lol) - installing the zorin-os-restricted-addons and zorin-os-restricted-extras. I install both after every fresh install just to have the added / extra support; audio / video codecs and restricted drivers access. Only reason they're called 'restricted', is because they're "restricted" by the HW companies, like Nvidia and others - and don't put out a whole lot of support for Linux kernels - of course :unamused: .. Mostly the issues are with new new hardware, like fresh off the solder bay :smirk:

Alright, so I did a little digging myself thanks to your comments PlumpKibbles and your ideas, and basically somewhere I found in a little comment that nomodeset for GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT is an emergency argument or sth, and it should not be the default. And I remember now that I was fighting with grub, because for some reason every time I opened my laptop, I wasn't seeing normal boot, but rather cli with everything that is going on during the boot. And so, without any knowledge, I changed it to nomodeset, it didn't work, and it did not work because I never did sudo update-grub and so I left it. It somehow had to do own update I guess (I have unfortunately little knowledge of linux) and that's how yesterday it happened. Now, I updated to quiet splash and not only everything is back to normal, but also I have normal boot. So maybe for the future, as well check /etc/default/grub cause maybe it is the problem of display unclaimed. Thank you PlumpKibbles for all the help and navigating me through this, without your help I wouldn't be able to resolve it myself. Thank you so much!

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Noice! :sunglasses: Definitely good to hear!!

Forgotten changes can be easily missed - I know, I've absolutely done it before! Definitely don't sweat it though, and dont' give up! There are still some things I can't quite kick off from Windows muddy waters; all but maybe one application and I'm all Zorin! :grin:

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Cool, reminds me of TVs bad signal :rofl:.

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