Screen touch is not working

Screen touch is not working in my laptop ( iBall i360 FHD ) after installing the Zorin OZ 16 Core, how can i fix it?

Hey there,
I had similar problems on my laptop HP ENVY-x360.

I found out touch screen works only when laptop i booted in UEFI mode.
In "older" BIOS/legacy mode the touchscreen gets never initialized/detected.

So please check if UEFI boot is enabled/system is installed to be booted under UEFI.

(Quick way without the need to implement big changes to your system is to boot a Live USB image of Zorin in UEFI mode. Simply switch the system to boot in UEFI mode and try booting from USB stick; the USB stick should automatically try to boot in UEFI mode then).

Note 1: If the laptop is set to boot only in Legacy BIOS mode, and the OS is installed in this Legacy boot mode, the OS will not be able to boot when switched to UEFI boot mode.
Note 2: UEFI boot mode can be used both with and without the SecureBoot feature turned on. Zorin is based on Ubuntu, and that should be able to boot under UEFI boot + SecureBoot. If that does not work, you can try UEFI boot with SecureBoot turned off.

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