Screensaver for Zorin 16.2 pro

I am new to Zorin, about 2 weeks. I would like to set up my lockscreen to show a slideshow. The posts I have read all talk about installing Xscreensaver, however when I try to download that using terminal, it just says no such software. Has it been removed? and can anyone suggest a way of doing this

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@Tinman5511 . I know you have stated you are running Z16 Pro in title of this post, but can you do us and yourself a favour by editing your forum profile, to indicate the edition you have is "Pro". That way, whenever you next post on the forum, you will avoid the question "which edition of ZorinOS do you have?". Thanks. Zab


Ok thanks, that got it downloaded, sorry to be a pain, but now how do I get it to where I can see it? This is small steps for me a lifetime windows user, just moved to Linux

Yes that worked, thank you for your reply

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