Screensaver in Zorin 17 on Wayland

Hi, love the distro, it is super pretty, but I was wondering if there was a way to set a screensaver? I was planning on fetching some pretty stuff to put on my massive screens so they don't look like huge black boxes. Maybe unsplash or something like the aerial videos on mac. But I am having a hard time doing this on wayland and gnome, anyone have some tips?

Edit: I really want to get this to work on Wayland, I prefer it by quite a bit. It is not worth switching to Xorg just for the screensaver haha.

The best screensaver program is xscreensaver. It only works in the Xorg session (not in Wayland). These are the relevant packages:

rss-glx is a separate collection of screensavers which is compatable with the xscreensaver program.

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I tried xscreensaver and it didn't really seem to work, it would just try to turn on even when there were activity and sort of flash the screen black and back. Again, I think this might be because Zorin uses wayland and gnome?

Just stumbled on this:

Right. It only works in Xorg session. Did you try that? Opening xscreensaver in your applications opens the settings dialog. After choosing the settings, you also need to add xscreensaver to your startup applications list, the command for the "command" box it is:

xscreensaver --no-splash

rss-glx screensavers are not initially shown in the screensavers list, but can be added. Ask when you are ready.

Enjoy the screensavers!


Hey, yeah, they mention the same issue I had "I have my timeout set for 15 minutes and what I've found is even though I'm using the computer, the screensaver runs every 15 minutes and have to move the mouse to clear it, yes even though I'm actively using the mouse and keyboard."

This was way to annoying for me, the screen kept flashing black as it started up, making xscreensaver a no go.

Uh, what do you mean by using Xorg session? I am pretty new to the whole Linux as a desktop experience, sorry.
Do you mean disabling wayland and using Xorgs instead? I would prefer using wayland.

I use xscreensave because I like the slide-show function that lets me display pictures from my pictures folder like vacation picture etc. You don't have to disable wayland you just need to choose Xorg. If you have auto log-in, you need to log out and then when the screen comes up for you to log back in you click on your name and a little gear appears in the lower right part of your screen. You click on the gear and select Xorg and then log in and xscreen save works great. You do neet to disable the gnome screen saver and go to the start-up menu and add xscreensaver as someone else has already mentioned.

Ah, I see, I just tried it, and I prefer wayland by quite a bit, it feels way smoother. I will edit the original post to make it clearer that I want to get this to work on wayland. Thanks for the help though! It was definitely worth trying Xorg so I know what that feels like, even if I didn't like it haha.

If you are in to gaming Wayland does not work well at all with games.