Screensaver Options

By way of some background I have installed a lot of Linux distros to try them and see which ones will work best with my hardware. Even so I am not experienced with Linux and seldom use the command line.

This is the first distro where I have NO idea how to set the screen save or where to find it. I have Q4OS running on another laptop and found and set up the screensaver easily. So what gives with Zorin?

I have Zorin 15.3 full installed.

Zorin 15 Core and Zorin 15 Ultimate use the Gnome Desktop Environment.

Zorin 15 Lite and Zorin 15 Ultimate Lite use the XFCE4 desktop environment. I use Zorin Lite;
You can configure the screensaver in Zorin Lite by opening the app menu and then moving to Power Manager or run in terminal:


Which will open a GUI screensaver configuration window.

Okay thanks! Your instructions seem to be working!