Recently install Zorin Core. Loving it, better than Ubuntu and Mint.

I installed XScreensaver, but doesn't seem to be working. The monitor still goes blank.

Here is a screenshot...regards

I was able to figure it out.

I found this link here if anyone else is interested....

Liking is subjective. And I agree, Zorin is fantastic, but better than Mint? Hmmn... :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

I've used Mint for years. But when your mouse forward and back buttons doesn't work from the get go? lol

And when there is screen tearing on my laptop using Mint, with no work around, but install Zorin, and the screen tearing is gone? lol. It's a no brainer...

I agree, Zorin is great. It was my number 3 of 3 distributions that I like the most and use. When they added the upgrade feature, ZOS17 went to my 2 spot next to my number 1, Mint's LMDE 6.

I prefer the upgrade cycle of LMDE and it being based on Debian only with only Flatpaks added but can be removed. I am not against Ubuntu - I just like how Debian does testing/security and prefer their packaging. But, having Flatpaks available as needed is a nice feature.

I recently started using Ultramarine KDE 39 (Fedora-based) and really like how Fedora works the middle-ground of very new reliable software and security. I was not a Fedora person at all and suddenly I feel like a fan-boy.

But I give credit to Zorin in taking Red Hat's approach to upgrade cycles while using Ubuntu's base software to make Zorin unique in many ways.

Happy linux'ing. :+

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