Screensavers in Zorin 17

I had a look through some forum posts to try and find out if Zorin17 pro handles screensavers, but I can't quite get a grip of what people are talking about.
I see there is a screensaver app in the software list but wondered if anyone was using it.
I have my power settings on "never" for switching off the monitor and going to black screen, but have often thought it would be nice to have a few screensavers buzzing round instead.
I see one called Xscreensaver in some posts but it's not in the software list and I don't know how it would run with Zorin17.1

Xscreensaver is an X11 focused screensaver, so I suspect it is not fully com patible with Wayland.

It is true that there have been quite a few posts on the forum about screensaving, timeout and logout/login issues...

Xscreensaver works great on 17.1 if you switch to Xorg as your desktop. I use the slideshow to shuffle through my vacation pictures when the screensaver comes on.

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Besides the default screensavers installed with the xscreensaver program, you would want to install the rest, which are additional packages:


There is another bunch of nice screensavers in a package named rss-glx. But, these don't automatically get installed into the xscreensaver choices. See: /usr/share/doc/rss-glx/README.xscreensaver to learn how to use them.

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I have to confess full ignorance of this Xorg stuff, I would need to do a lot more reading up before attempting to fiddle with my main machine.
Maybe I'd play with one of my old spare ones, though, first, at least if that breaks then there's no great loss :relieved:
I'll keep a note of this thread; with thanks.

You already have Zorin desktop on Xorg in Zorin. Just need to switch to it. You log out and when you go to log back in when you click on your log-in name a small gear icon will show up at the botton right corner of your desktop. When you click that you will have a choice between Zorin and Zorin on Xorg. Just select Zorin on Xorg and then log back in. You will lose nothing and very little will change except things that didn't work well before will now work better.

As was already mentioned the are a lot of options you can add to Xscreensaver. I really like the slide-show option. You can select what you want it to show and have it set to shuffle through my vacation pictures. My family enjoys seeing a lot of them too.

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I had no idea there was another desktop underlying structure. From the little I've read this afternoon, since posting, it seems there is Xorg and Wayland, I've seen this Wayland word bandied around a lot but never realised it was all to do with the desktop.
Also I sense there is some "war" going on as to which one will eventually dominate new operating systems....but I'll duck out of that!
But thanks for pointer as to where to find it.

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The end result of that war will affect you - it already has in this thread. In the future, you won't be able to switch to the other display protocol.