Screenshot photo editor needed

Hello Wonderful people,
I was wondering if someone new of a photo/picture editing tool that has the ability to place arrows maybe lines and text on top of the picture, for illustration purposes and then save it. I didn't see anything available like that in my Z Pro version. Or maybe I missed it?
I'm on xfce if that matters

Do you mean like this?

I used Gimp or Gnome Image Manipulation Program to do that. It should be already loaded with your default programs.


I recommend ksnip.

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You can do all of that in LibreOffice and GIMP.
GIMP to modify the image as necessary.
LibreOffice Writer - insert the image then add a text box with transparent background and then add the arrows that you want from Insert option.

For me it is TextMaker Professional 2021:


Thank you!!!

I also do all of the above in Gimp.


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